Eco-friendly, innovative and reliable

Over few years, electricity demand will increase faster than the demand for energy as a whole. In order to meet this growing need, tackle the challenges of climate changes, we have made it our ambition to do low-carbon business in our Country. We are actively participating in the development of renewable energies, especially solar. With operations spanning the supply and installation of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, EPC of Solar Rooftop Power Plants, (Solar on-grid systems / Solar off-grid systems / Hybrid Solar Power Systems, Solar Street lighting systems and Solar pumping systems, to end-customers. We are present across the entire value chain and fast-tracking the deployment of solar technology.

We can provide complete turn -key solar solutions and systems to your requirement with highest technical support and after sales service. Our value-added services include engineering, procurement, and construction backed by our well-trained and qualified engineers and technicians who can design and build projects of any size. In addition to this, we provide O&M (operations and maintenance) services to our projects to ensure project reliability, durability, and extended life time value of our projects.

The Solar Energy Service solutions that we offer at ‘’AIIPL’’ are listed below:-

  • lEPC – Solar Power System Integrator
    (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
  • Residential / Commercial Rooftop Systems
  • Car Parks
  • Solar Water Pumping Systems
  • Floating Solar
  • Solar LED Street Light Supply and Installations
  • Solar Panel Ground Installations

EPC- SOLAR Power System Integrator

(Engineering, Procurement & Construction)

‘’AIIPL’’ is your qualified partner for free-field solar power plants:

From the project development to the construction through the operational management of the solar power plant – every step will be 100 percent realized by ‘AIIPL’. This is guaranteed by our experienced and qualified teams of engineers, technicians and construction workers.


Electricity from your own roof

‘AIIPL’ designs, projects and constructs photovoltaic systems on roof of buildings that are used for Residential and Commercial purposes. Whether flat or pitched, with tiles or a corrugated sheet roof – our engineers find the perfect solution for your building.


Install Grid connected Rooftop Solar Systems on your roof in residential, commercial, Industrial buildings and Institutions and make your roof your own powerhouse. Meet your electricity requirement and the excess electricity can be fed to the local grid and earn revenue.



Renewable energy from the sun.

Our strategy is based on generating and delivering clean energy and building energy infrastructure that's reliable and affordable. We expect that our investments in emissions-free solar generation designed to deliver energy where it's needed will enable us to continue providing a wide range of benefits to our many valued stakeholders.

We continue to tailor solutions for Residential , Commercial and public power customers who want to produce their own clean, reliable solar energy by helping install projects on Vacant Land, Rooftops and parking structures. We develop, build, finance and operate these systems on or near a customer's site to help them control costs and meet their renewable energy goals.

From delivering superior value to our customers, to being good guardians of our environment, to investing in the communities we serve, all while providing outstanding returns to our shareholders, being a clean energy provider is not just the way we do business, it is our business.

Go solar…

The continuous supply of energy we receive from the sun can be tapped by converting it into affordable electricity. You can use the generated electricity for your captive needs or for third party sale. With our reliable Solar PV Solutions, we can support you in your journey towards sustainability.

We are passionately committed to fully understand our customers’ needs and developing easy-to-use, end-to-end solutions that meet their exacting requirements.