Keep the plant in good working condition

at the lowest possible cost.
We provide operation and maintenance services for commercial & residential complexes and industrial plants.

We believe that our success is built on our proven track record of service excellence in facilities management, trust and reliability at apt costs. Our continuous focus has been to drive the maximum benefits of integrated facilities management to our clients. ‘’AIIPL’’ endeavors to deliver quality facility management and value-added services which are designed to meet our clients’ demand for sustainable service delivery, optimum cost savings, measurable end-user satisfaction and best practices as per industry standards. We work with our clients to gain a detailed understanding of their needs, challenges, short- and long-term objectives.

Our expert team brings the best by implementing Performance-based Operation and Maintenance Services which reduces downtime and surprise Breakdowns in turn contributing the following:

• Optimum Plant availability
• Minimization of Maintenance Costs
• Optimization of Inventory

Objectives of maintenance management

  • Minimizing the loss of production time due to equipment failure
  • To reduce loss due to production stoppage.
  • To keep all productive assets in good working conditions
  • Improve the quality of the product and to improve productivity
  • Helps to reduce the total maintenance cost of repair
  • preventive maintenance & inventory carrying a cost due to a spare part inventory.