Prevent the spread of fire

Make your property safe from fire

Fire is a grave threat to people and property. It destroys huge material assets and also leads to expensive production stoppages. It’s knock-on effect leads to even high downstream economic dislocation.

Passive Fire protection systems can save lives and contain damage to a building in the event of a fire. They are designed to stop the flame spread, smoke and toxic gases by sealing gaps in walls, ceilings and floors caused by penetrations from pipes, cables, HVAC ducts and joints in fire-rated areas. Hence, it’s important& a legal requirement to include passive fire protection / fire stop systems in any building design, through from the beginning of a project.

Protection of life and property is the main purpose of fire protection. Most countries have developed elaborate legislation regarding fire safe construction to provide life safety. The Building Regulations require certain elements of structure to have fire resistance for a specified minimum period to allow people to escape safely during a fire. The causes of fire are varied and unpredictable and often beyond the control of the designer. However, what can be controlled is the effect of fire once it has started.

Passive Fire Protection is designed to the structure of the building. When exposed to fire all commonly used structural materials lose some of their strength. Fire protection enhances the fire resistance of structural steel members. Passive fire protection products and systems are tested independently by approved testing authorities under standard test conditions.

The importance of fire protection to ensure the system works to its maximum ability to save lives and assets. Fire resistance is not a property of an individual material but is the measure of the performance of a complete system or construction when exposed to a heating condition.

We offer complete package includes supply & application of PFP products to prevent fire from starting and spreading as well as prevent its destructive effect.

Our team have over 20+ years of experience in Passive Fire Protection (PFP) solutions and services in MENA Region and Domestic Environment.

AIIPL manages from trading products to tailored solutions and the complete planning, development and execution of large-scale fire protection systems and are staffed with management and technical personnel with impressive track records of PFP applications on major iconic projects in middle east having the vast experience and expertise to keep fire at bay. The Company can undertake supply/apply subcontracts works on projects located anywhere in India, managed from Our Head Office located at Bangalore, India..

Our Services include : -

  • Design & Supply of wide range of world-renowned PFP materials code compliant with ASTM/BS standards.
  • Installation according to Indian National Building Code as well as International NFPA/ASFP Guidelines for the services such as Fire Stopping of service penetrations.
  • Intumescent Coatings for structural steel work up to 3-hour rating
  • Fire rated partitions, Ceilings and dry lining
  • Cementitious Sprays to Structural steel work covering up to 4 hours rating. Fire boards to encase steel work.